Sunday, March 1, 2009

New Life for Old Chairs and Boo-Boo Blocks

I needed new chairs for my sewing room desperately. The old office chair no longer rolled from years of thread getting caught up in the wheels. Seemed no matter how often I cut the thread out of the wheels they would be choked up again in no time. Finally, I decided I needed a chair without wheels in my sewing room. I had these old mission style dining chairs in my garage. They were dirty and the cushions were dingy so I thought I would clean them up and cover them with my favorite fabric...when suddenly I noticed that a couple of my rejected boo-boo blocks fit the seats perfectly! Now, there is nothing really wrong with these blocks...they just came out to be 14" instead of the intended 12" because I printed off the wrong page from my Triangulations patterns so off to the boo-boo pile they went (yes, I did say pile). Anyhow, I cleaned up those old chairs and I grabbed my new second favorite quilting tool (a staple gun) and got to work. I finished them off with some clear plastic covering to protect them from my cats fur. I am really pleased with how they turned out.


kjquilts said...

Love the chairs! Great idea for the quilt room.

ranette said...

Very nice chairs....I really like them. Good job!