Thursday, May 31, 2007

Baltimore Bunnies Block #4

Here is my block #4 all finished! This has been my favorite one to do so far. I never knew how to do a stem stitch until tackling the embroidery on this block. Well, actually, I am not sure I know how to do one still but it looks OK to me and I am happy with that. Next, it's backwards to block #3.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Baltimore Bunnies Block #2

I am moving right along at snails pace! Here is a photo of my B. Bunnies block #2. I really enjoyed this block. For my next block I will be skipping ahead to block #4. I am worried about lining up all those leaves in block #3 so I think I am going to have to teach myself another technique for those using starch and glue baste before tackling that block. I also started a yahoo group for those working specifically on this quilt. Everyone is posting photos of their progress and sharing tips and ideas. It really helps to keep me motivated and on track and I love to see all the photos of the blocks with different fabrics. Here is the link... .

I have completely neglected my Feathered Stars project as I try to keep up with these bunnies but I hope to prep those last 2 applique blocks so I can work them too this month. Once those are done things should be much faster as the rest of the quilt is pieced and I am much quicker at piecing.

Here is a photo of my Baltimore Bunnies Block #2...