Thursday, February 8, 2007

Progress Update

Well, I am stitching steadily along on my February applique assignments. You can see in my photo that my Feathered Stars center block is beginning to take shape and I have just begun the Baltimore Bunnies Block #1 by stitching the bias strip heart on. I used 30wt sulky cotton thread on the heart because I did not know any better. Fortunately, I did not get too far before the ladies in the group straightened me out. It does not seem obvious (to me anyway). I have since purchased some 50wt Mettler silk finish thread in all the colors I'll need for this Bunnies Project. I should be in good shape from this point forward. You can also catch a glimpse of one one my Dear Jane quilts in progress (yes, I said one of them). I have three going at once. Can you see my problem? This one is the product of my brilliant idea to make the quilt entirely of embroidered blocks...but that is a whole other story I can get into later.